Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/06/2013

— An obnoxious noise

When I was young, to be cool, I would use clothes pins to attach new baseball cards to the frame of my fender on my bicycle and ride my bike up and down the street to listen to the noise the cards made flapping against the spokes. Man, I was cool. All that noise.

Well, I grew up and realized that making that noise just might be a nuisance to other people living nearby. Unfortunately, with the arrival of spring not that far away, the loud motorcycles will return. These bikers seem to not have a care in the world of the obnoxious noise they produce. I often wonder what these bikers are thinking when they gun their engines and race off down the road. Do they not realize the commotion they are causing? I think not.

In my opinion, these bikers are inconsiderate. Some bikes produce very little noise and are quite reasonable; I appreciate that. But what about the loud ones? Sure, it’s a free country, but is there anything that could be done to curb the excessive noise for the sake of tranquility?

Daniel Hahn

Traverse City


Buy a gun safe

It seems that the Pistorius case now being heard in a South African court could have a bearing on what is to be decided concerning guns in this country. Here is a man who very recklessly used his loaded gun kept near his bed; he heard some noise, jumped up and fired several shots through walls and doors at some unknown person who turned out to be his very beautiful, young sweetheart.

It quite often happens that an innocent person gets killed by a gun that is carelessly kept loaded and not properly secured. I believe that all guns privately owned, as well as any narcotics, should be required to be locked up in a safe. Anyone who can afford to own a gun or several guns can afford to buy a gun safe.

Public officials should be made to understand that they are elected to office by the people, not the National Rifle Aassociation. I do not think we have representative government when elected officials are coerced by threats from the NRA to punish them unless they vote in favor of NRA’s point of view.

Foster McCool