Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/13/2012


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Can't un-frack a well

A few years ago we were paid for giving a gas company permission to drill for gas on a small portion of 80 acres.

Since then we have researched fracking a gas well. The oil and gas companies have neighbor against neighbor arguing about wind generators, while the real threat goes unnoticed.

Water wells could be affected by a bad fracking from harsh chemicals used. How far away, we don`t know. What would your property be worth if you could not get safe water? If a wind generator is causing your property values to drop, it can be removed.

But you can`t un-ring the bell or un-frack a bad gas well.

Jack Runyan


In for a surprise

Ratepayers of Traverse City Light & Power are in for a surprise now that Ed Rice has been terminated.

They can expect that more electric revenues will be channeled to fund city projects, such as Clinch Park.

Mayor Mike Estes was successful in taking $1 million of ratepayer money to fund this project.

Customers of L&P can expect the city to continue using construction project dollars to build city projects.

The construction fund is intended to be spent on utility projects such as new renewable energy, improved reliability and utility upgrades.

Citizens of Traverse City are taxed too much and won't support additional levied taxes to support such projects.

Rice's termination should ring loud and clear; we can hire a new director who will channel construction funds to the city.

I've known Rice for years, he's loyal, trustworthy and probably the most knowledgeable, utility-minded director L&P has ever employed. Estes and the four L&P board members (Rice's words "political cronies") who voted to terminate made a grievous error.

Ratepayers of L&P should be up in arms. Make sure that your next director is well rounded in utility operations and not a puppet of the utility board and the mayor's office.

Ralph Grace