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September 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/25/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Change our thinking


An island of plastic the size of Texas floats in the Pacific. After every storm I picked up hospital refuse, blood bags and hypodermic needles on Florida beaches. All summer I pick up flotsam and trash from boaters and others abusing Lake Michigan.

It’s time we began to honor water and treasure the purity of what we are given and drink daily. Our lakes and water are not a garbage can, a recycling bin or a cheap resource from which to make money. Dumping old wood, plastic cups or “toxifying” water with chemical residues dishonors our water, Mother Earth and ourselves. Each of us needs to change our thinking before we live only from bottled water.

Joseph C.Fields


Reclaim the waterfront


Praise for Lou Colombo. We as a community who are fed up with the Open Space being filled with festivals need to support Lou with his efforts. What part of “Open Space” is not understood by our mayor and commissioners? Wanting to secure the Open Space for 11 weekends is wonderful, and I for one am willing to financially assist Lou with this effort.

People come to Traverse City and live in Traverse City for the beauty of our area. A waterfront space filled with tents, music stands and vendors is not beauty. Why does Traverse City have to be known as “Festival Town?” You don’t see other northwestern Michigan towns filling up their towns with festivals. Let’s reclaim the waterfront beauty.

Gae Ellery

Traverse City

Using common sense


Let’s hear it for Sen.Walker. I love it when our elected officials use common sense. Voting for expanding Medicaid in Michigan was the right thing to do.

Barb Herman