Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/22/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Lighten up, TC


Regarding the marquee at the Bijou by the Bay, in this time of war, recession, homelessness, foreclosure, joblessness and threats to the environment, we could all use more glitz and sparkle in our lives. Lighten up, Traverse City.

Penny Ort

Traverse City


Don’t sink the Welcome


Sorry divers, we`ve spent over 40 years cleaning up our bays, lakes, beaches, rivers, streams and marshes. Don’t sink the Welcome.

Delmer Priest



Change the country


Congress is determined to rape, pillage and plunder our country. They are on a fast track to impoverish/eliminate our firefighters, police, teachers, public schools, worker representation, environmental protections, Social Security, universal health care and more.

Their new target is to eliminate young, poor or middle class Americans from any chance to attend college by moving the costs out of reach.

All of this pain inflicted upon us by these people is possible only because we voted them into the majority in our government.

If only one more of us votes Democratic it makes no practical difference. If 50 more vote it may influence a village, with 200 more a township, 5,000 a county, 50,000 a state representative, 1,000,000 the state Legislature or state representation in the U.S. government.

Since we poor through upper middle income are collectively the vast majority of eligible voters, let’s not put up with this abuse any longer and all vote for our country’s best interests. We can change this country back to “of, by and for” the people — all of the people.

Ken Hurlin

Glen Arbor


Huddling with the masses


I would like to be the first to say ‘congratulations’ to our fine city and council people for paving the way for “struggling” entrepreneurs and providing them a beautiful bayside venue so they can make a profit, at no cost to them. Wait, at a nominal cost of a couple hundred dollars, my mistake.

In the meantime, we really enjoy taking the long way around the empty “open” space, that no one else wants to use, and huddling with the masses in an unreserved corner, at no charge, to play fetch with our dogs or have a picnic with our families. Well done.

Philip R. Rosi

Traverse City