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November 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/21/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — A scary thought

Rep. Dan Benishek, M.D. touts the health care system in our country as being one of the best in the world. He may be correct in saying that, but what good is a health care system when so many people cannot afford the care they need? It seems to me that in denouncing the Affordable Care Act the good doctor belongs to the anti-government side of the political aisle, the politicians who have attacked almost anything and everything connected to the Obama administration.

If he and his fellow Republicans truly cared about the people they represent, it seems as if they would offer to help fix whatever went wrong with the health care website instead of railing against the entire program.

Could it be that some group so determined to wreak havoc with the Affordable Care Act has committed sabotage by hacking into the healthcare web site? It’s a scary thought.

Mary Sharry


More nuclear, please

Nobody wants fracking where their water comes from, but who has given thought to the implications? If we want electricity it has to come from something. Wind and solar especially need gas as backup.

The major alternative to large-scale drilling and mining is nuclear energy. A few very small mines supply the entire world with about 20 percent of its electricity. Michigan already gets 30 percent of its electricity from four nuclear reactors on just three sites with no fracking water, no leaking pipelines and no daily trains of fuel going off the rails.

More nuclear, please.

Russ Cage

Elk Rapids

Better for the nation

Medicare is a single-payer program and it works. It costs less to administer than private health insurance (maybe one-tenth of private insurance) while covering most health issues.

If we are worried about paying for it, here are two simple solutions: remove the cap on incomes paying Medicare taxes; and put a means test on receiving benefits (Donald Trump does need help paying his medical bills).

The fact is Medicare works. So single-payer does work and would be a better idea. A healthy population is better for the nation.

Don Seman