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February 9, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/09/2014

Above and beyond

We are early morning swimmers in the Easling Pool at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center. We swim year around, and every single day we are amazed at the beauty and cleanliness of both the civic center building and the surrounding grounds.

The pool water is kept crystal clear and the changing rooms and bathrooms are immaculately clean. The lobby area is always free of trash and dirt.

The care that goes into maintaining the ball fields, flower gardens and exercise track is of the highest quality. The workers who plow the driveways and walks and spread salt and sand in the winter need to be complimented for their work effort that goes above and beyond that which would be normally acceptable. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you.

Don and Martha Vreeland

Traverse City

Buy certified organic

The United States Department of Agriculture seems unwilling to protect Americans from genetically modified foods, although 90 percent of us support labeling them. Now the agency may permit new GM corn and soy products that resist an even stronger herbicide. Super weeds have become resistant to Roundup, so crops containing genetic resistance to it no longer serve their purpose.

Soon farmers will be drenching fields with 2,4-D, a product used in Agent Orange, the herbicide that defoliated entire forests in Vietnam, sickened and killed our soldiers. The USDA acknowledges weeds will probably become immune to 2,4-D. Then Big Agra will develop an even more toxic herbicide.

Consumers can counter Big Agra in many ways. Buy certified organic. These foods aren’t modified. Read labels and don’t purchase GM foods. For example, if a product contains sugar, corn syrup, soy lecithin or canola oil and isn’t labeled Non GMO, chances are it’s genetically modified.

Call, write or e-mail at least one company asking if their product contains GM foods. Ask your supermarket to carry foods labeled “Non-GMO Project Verified.”

Learn more at, and

Mary Eliowitz

Maple City

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