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December 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/21/2013

Touch the community

Get that Christmas feeling all year long by volunteering. Most organizations and many businesses welcome volunteers.

Pick an interest or cause, volunteer as a group, individual or with a friend. Choose close to work, home or errands for convenience - or make a trip to a location that you like.

Some people just need someone to talk with or run them somewhere. Some would enjoy a meal or event they couldn’t make otherwise.

Whatever the way, touch the community you love with volunteering. No one can put a price on love.

Carolyn J. Hutchinson


Keep your hands off

I am responding to Mr. Lamie’s Dec. 9 letter in which he indicates “God’s plan” for all of us including an anti-abortion dictate.

The patriarchal religions, Christianity being the focus, have a hierarchy that can be seen from this highest to lowest list in power and status: religious men (priests), men, religious women (nuns), women.

Opposition to this structure is seen in the women’s movement and from sects having women ‘priests.’

Faith is often described as believing in religion without any evidence or rational process to justify the belief. This and science has resulted in an increasing number of people leaving religion, finding it a relatively uneventful part of life.

It seems the majority of women and men today have some form of faith. But they practice spiritual tenets which are often not influenced by the religious power structure nor the high regard anti-abortionists have for the fetus while having relative disregard for the welfare of infants, young children and their mothers.

Women and men today are making decisions independent of the dictates of the past.

In a sentence: Keep your religious hands off of women’s bodies.

Edward Rom

Traverse City

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