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December 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/17/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Old system failed us

Dr. multi-millionaire Dan Benishek is one of the reasons the U.S. House will not bring a vote on the Farm Bill to the House floor. Why is he against bringing it to the floor? He, along with his fellow Teapublican congressmen, want to cut $40 billion-plus from the SNAP program (food stamps) as a condition of passing the Farm Bill.

Benishek’s Michigan Congressional District One is not a hotbed of economic development, high-paying jobs (except his) and high employment. Some 90,000 of his constituents are dependent on the SNAP program; how does he think this reduction in their food supply will affect them? So now we have the Northern Michigan version of the Hunger Games.

To continue his war on the poor and vulnerable in his district, the good doctor is appearing in television ads promising to get rid of ACA/Obamacare. His fellow Teapublicans have a replacement plan which is to offer nothing except to return to the old market-based system which failed so many of us.

Obamacare will be successful. Benishek will figure a way to take credit. Ask yourself: Do the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan need representation like this?

Warren D. Bushey

Traverse City

No smoking debate

Great job, Record-Eagle. You addressed head-on the sheer foolishness of a bill proposed by Michigan Rep. Tom McMillin to undermine the will of voters in Michigan. Clearly 75 percent of Michigan voters cast their ballots as opposing any form of smoking in restaurants. Many fine restaurants extend their seating beyond the doorway and into outside areas around their property. There should be no debate, these areas are part of the restaurants, and the law is clear — no smoking.

There is no question in my mind, Rep. McMillin is allowing his mind to be controlled by a special interest group (and probably their money) in a shameful legislative bill. Already there are some bars and restaurants that are violating the law by allowing smoking just outside their doorway under covered porches or small shelters set up for their smoking patrons. Even that should be stopped because every time the door is opened the dangerous smoke follows the patrons back in on their smelly clothing.

Another area the current ban on smoking really needs to be addressed is Native American casinos. Why they were exempted from Michigan law is beyond common sense.

Donald Rau Jr.