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February 16, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/16/2014

Most fair and efficient

Regarding the Jan. 17 editorial on the choices facing Traverse City Light & Power in the coming year, I concur that pollution should be considered in any decisions about future power generation. I disagree, however, with the characterization of pollution being a factor “beyond just cost.” In fact, pollution and climate change should be right at the center of any discussion about the cost of carbon fuels.

Currently, gas and oil companies reap huge profits, while the true cost of their production is paid by ordinary citizens in the form of dwindling resources, adverse health effects and the loss of life, property and livelihood brought about by floods, drought and disastrous storms.

A revenue-neutral carbon tax would be the most fair and efficient way to drive capital investment and innovation in the renewable energy sector - creating jobs, lowering prices and returning a clean and sustainable planet to our children.

Cathye Williams



Doesn’t fit the picture

We purchased our property for the peace and quiet that comes with farm fields, forests and orchards. There are 300 acres of National Park behind our home that we enjoy immeasurably. The proposed “Airwalk” attraction does not fit in this picture.

Mr. Evans calls himself a naturalist and conservationist. Would this project be really natural? What would he be conserving? Carving out a parking lot, a restaurant and gift shop are not in the least natural, not to mention a steel walkway hovering over and through the trees.

Why should this even be considered in a residential area where he would need a special use permit granted by Kasson Township to proceed?

In the Jan. 23 edition of the Leelanau Enterprise, Mark Evans reiterated that the tree canopy walk won’t negatively impact viewscapes from the lake and surrounding areas. We would like to know how he will disguise the hundreds of cars and buses coming daily to the Airwalk.

Kathy and Don Drabik

Maple City

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