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February 14, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/14/2014

The same goal

In response to Carole Underwood’s Jan. 19 letter regarding income inequality: good news. Those whining liberals have the same goal as you do: get more people off government assistance.

The issue centers around the ratio of pay earned by chief executive officers to that of average workers. A study by the Institute for Policy Studies found CEOs in the country’s S&P 500 companies make, on average, 319 times more than the average American worker. When our middle class was thriving in the 1970s, that ratio was 30 to 1.

Walmart CEO Michael Duke’s $35 million salary works out to $16,826.92 per hour compared to a new employee’s wage of $8.75. Apple’s Tim Cook earns about the same as 6,258 of his typical employees combined.

No one is claiming educated, hard workers should not be rewarded. This should apply to all workers, not just the wealthiest. There is no reason why a person working 40 hours per week at a profitable company like Walmart should have to rely on food stamps.

As the middle class disappears, so does the American Dream. To learn more, check out Robert Reich’s movie “Inequality for All.”

Linda Egeler

Elk Rapids

So thankful

Unable to see with the blustery 35-mph winds on an open country road I suddenly found myself stranded in a massive drift unable to budge even in my four-wheel drive.

As luck would have it, within five minutes a county plow truck appeared. The driver was a godsend, working diligently shoveling and sanding with no luck at first. Then along came a good Samaritan who proceeded to push in the bitter cold as my vehicle rocked (a couple others got out, too, to help with the pushing). He then got in to take over the driving and after much patience and many attempts, the vehicle was freed.

I was so thankful to these men who braved the elements and came to my rescue. There are good people in this world.

Coletta Taylor


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