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April 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/29/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Non-free speech area?

Now that Northwestern Michigan College has decided to designate free speech areas, does that mean the rest of the campus is a non-free speech area?

Stephen Lewis

Old Mission


Why bother counting?

So the Traverse City Area Public Schools board decided not to extend the school year. Apparently, education of our children is not a priority for the board. Either that or our children have no need for the additional days of instruction.

If the school board is going to forgive the days to be made up every year why do we even bother to count the number of snow days? Who cares? Those extra days will not be made up. Any comments, school board?

Angie Perrone

Traverse City


Key to communicating

There have been articles published of recent date that cursive writing is a lost art in the classroom; that cursive writing is a waste of time and proper penmanship is on the decline. Furthermore, the time spent on writing would be better spent teaching keyboard skills.

From my perspective, cursive writing is a skill that is nurtured and developed in students during their early years. It is a skill that sets students up for success academically and professionally and serves to develop cognitive abilities needed to carry out tasks.

Cursive writing builds on motor skills, spelling, and gives way to creativity, one of the most important forms of communication and expression.

Keyboarding is a vital skill as well; however, one can’t always count on having a computer at hand, and one of the ways we communicate is through writing. The times may be changing, but the need for writing remains.

This important skill need not be abandoned or strayed away from the classroom. Written in cursive, there are many historical documents, and without being able to read cursive the student would undoubtedly be kept from reading these important documents.

Frances M. Figurski

Traverse City