Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 27, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/27/2012


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Remains accountable

In our family it's no politics or religion at the dinner table for the sake of a peaceful meal. But this year there is one candidate running for State Representative of Grand Traverse County defying that rule. Betsy Coffia has pledged not to accept political action committee or out-of-state donations in order to remain accountable to her constituents. Conversation after conversation with Besty proves that she is committed to serving this region.

Please join us in support of a new standard for representation in Lansing. Vote for Betsy Coffia — a representative you won't be ashamed to invite to dinner.

Jennifer Johnson


Bring back the '20s

Vote to "take back America" from whom? I guess it means vote to bring back the 1920s.

Donald W Dierkes


Look at supporters

Kirsten Keilitz has the support of most attorneys in the area. Doesn't that say something? Her colleagues think she would be the best person for probate judge. Look at her list of supporters. Her peers obviously think she is the qualified candidate.

Vote Kirsten Keilitz on Nov. 6.

Tom Kowalczyk

Traverse City

Courage, common sense

During recent weeks, I have been asked repeatedly who I recommend for Grand Traverse County's next Probate Judge. Not personally or professionally close with either candidate, I performed due diligence by reviewing available information and consulting with persons I know and whose judgment I trust.

The paramount qualities for Probate Judge are: wisdom, temperance and balance, discipline, caring and just, honesty, courage, hard work and common sense. All information indicates that Kirsten Keilitz has consistently demonstrated these qualities while in private practice and in her service as a Circuit Court Referee.

Kirsten Keilitz has earned my support.

Elizabeth A. Weaver

Glen Arbor

The writer is a former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and a former Leelanau Probate Judge

Passionate, smart

I don't live in Ross Richardson's County Commission district, but I think he's a good representative for many of us who live not only in Traverse City but the county as well. He's smart, he listens, he's passionate, and even if I disagree with a position he takes, I know he's studied both sides of the issue.

Since I can't vote for Ross, I hope my friends in eastern Traverse City and Peninsula Township remember him on Election Day, Nov. 6. Every vote counts.

Gerry Greene

Traverse City

No better investment

I would like to clear up some misinformation about the Traverse City Area Public Schools bond election.

This comprehensive, financially responsible millage will benefit all students in the district. Major components will include: four elementary schools reconstructs; 10 buses replaced every year for the next 10 years; a safer entryway and new auditorium for Central High School; and a new robotics center at West Senior High and improvements to their athletic facilities.

As a community, there is no better investment than our children's education. Visit for more information. Please join me in voting "yes" to support our kids.

Marjorie Rich

Traverse City

The writer is a member of the Traverse City Area Public Schools board of education

Honesty and diligence

As a local attorney, I have had many cases with Ms. Keilitz as opposing counsel and I have appeared before her while she has served as a court referee. Ms. Keilitz is the best choice for Probate Judge because of her judicial temperament, her integrity, her honesty, her diligence, her extensive work experience and her lifetime of living, working and volunteering in this community.

Vote Kirsten Keilitz for Probate Judge on Nov. 6.

Jennifer Tang-Anderson

Traverse City

Intelligent, reasoned

We strongly endorse Ross Richardson for re-election as Grand Traverse County Commissioner. Since he first began serving in this role, Ross has always impressed us with his level-headed, thoughtful approach. He is very intelligent and reasoned, and is well-versed in the issues being discussed or voted on. He makes decisions in the best interests of the larger community and considers many viewpoints. He consistently maintains a sense of compassion. Ross has earned our respect and trust, and we strongly urge you to vote for him.

Megan and Peter Raphael

Traverse City

Don't be fooled

Beware of Proposal 2, it will cause your hair to fall out and your kids to lose all of their soccer games. You may even become an alcoholic. Don't be fooled by the unreasonable people who want to sit down and talk with their employers and reach a "mutual agreement" on what are fair wages and safe working conditions, things that no one in their right mind would think are justified.

All of you intelligent people out there, please read the proposal as it is written word for word and surely you will see through it as I have:

Ron Titze

Traverse City

Continues to listen

As an executive director of a local non-profit I have always found Rep. Wayne Schmidt to be supportive and engaged on a personal level with our community.

He volunteers at many local events and is a great supporter of our area's non-profits. Any roadblock issues local non profits experience, Wayne takes a personal interest in resolving. He takes his job of representing our area seriously and is very effective in Lansing. Staying close to his hometown roots, Wayne is a politician who continues to listen to the "little guy."

Thank you Mr. Schmidt for a job well done.

Theresa Galante

Traverse City

Invaluable expertise

I am writing to encourage voters to join me in re-electing Gary Appel to the Traverse City Area Public Schools Board of Education. Appel provides invaluable educational expertise for our school district. He adds a wealth of knowledge about best practices and innovation in education. He has demonstrated devotion to improving educational opportunities for all. Our schools will benefit by Appel's continued service.

John Hall

Traverse City