Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 24, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/24/2012


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Always helpful

I strongly recommend my colleague, Lynette Wolfgang, for Blair Township Clerk. I have worked with Lynette for over 15 years, and she has always been helpful and knowledgeable. Eight months ago she was appointed as Blair Township Clerk and has been doing a great job. The skills for the job of township clerk demand a full understanding of accounts payable, payroll, elections and maintaining ballot (election) integrity. Lynette has no problem filling this role. She is a well-respected member of the Grand Traverse County Clerk's Association. Please vote for Lynette on Nov. 6.

Kay Schumacher

Traverse City

The writer is Garfield Township Clerk.

A voice for citizens

Betsy Coffia, candidate for state representative for Grand Traverse County, will be a voice for all citizens. On Nov. 6, voters have a real choice in their selection of who will represent them in the Michigan House. Betsy will be a passionate voice for working families and the preservation of our clean air and water. Betsy has run a campaign from individual donations, she has accepted no PAC or super PAC funds, and will not take contributions from out of state.

She is beholden to no special interests; she works for you, the citizens of Grand Traverse County.

Fran Cullen

Traverse City

A new approach

I have had the privilege of practicing law in the 13th Judicial Circuit for many years. In recent years, more and more of my practice in this circuit has been before referees appointed by the elected circuit judges. For the office of probate judge, I believe the voters of Grand Traverse County would best be served by a fresh face and a new approach. Accordingly, because of my knowledge of and professional experience with Melanie Stanton, she has my whole-hearted endorsement for the position of Grand Traverse County probate judge.

Joseph C. Fisher

Traverse City

Our only chance

This presidential election is about one issue. Do you want intrusive government or limited government? Intrusive government is at your doorstep in the form of Obamacare. This election may be your last chance to stop this huge government invasion into your personal life. Obamacare will not provide lower cost medical care, but does require everyone purchase expensive medical insurance. Doctors will be put in the terrible position of turning away Medicare patients, because Obamacare cuts the Medicare payments to doctors too drastically.

Right now, Mitt Romney is our only chance of getting Obamacare reversed.

Bonnie Soper

Traverse City

Qualities that matter

I am writing in support of Lynette Wolfgang for Blair Township clerk. Lynette worked as a recording secretary for us for four years. We found her to be friendly, timely, efficient and dependable — qualities that really matter.

Lynette has trained for this job, was appointed by the Blair Township Board as interim clerk and has been dedicated to serving the residents of Blair Township since that appointment.

Please consider Lynette Wolfgang on Nov. 6 to continue good service to Blair Township residents.

Karen Rosa

Long Lake Township

The writer is supervisor of Long Lake Township.

Maintain schools

The Traverse City Area Public Schools millage updates Central Grade School, replaces old buses and makes necessary improvements to our public schools. Over several decades, I have made gifts to churches that I don't belong to because vibrant communities of faith make us all better. I have donated to preserve land that I have never visited because I believe in maintaining our region's open spaces and rural character. We all do better when we build up the important institutions in our community.

Please, whether or not you have kids in TCAPS, support the millage to maintain healthy and productive schools.

Woody Smith

Traverse City

Because she cares

While hesitant to write, I believe it's important that voters in Grand Traverse County are aware of Melanie Stanton's professionalism and concern for people. Without her guidance and assistance, I would be in prison or worse. I was an early participant in Mental Health Court. Melanie was instrumental in developing that specialty court and representing participants.

At that devastating time, Melanie provided excellent legal representation. On a personal level she encouraged me not to "quit" and believed in me. Since then, I have been a responsible, productive member of society.

Please join me in supporting Melanie Stanton because she cares.

John Adams

Traverse City

Attentive listener

Betsy Coffia believes passionately that we, the people, deserve true representative government. An attentive listener and conscientious researcher, Betsy solicits a variety of viewpoints when considering key issues.

A true leader, she inspires citizens to work together toward common goals. Betsy believes in investing in our children's educations to prepare them for 21st century challenges and opportunities. She knows that a vibrant economy depends on growing businesses that provide livable wages while preserving forests and farmlands, clean air and water. Visit to learn what Betsy will offer the 104th as our state representative.

Carla Bloom

Traverse City

The superior candidate

Sometimes there is an election in which one candidate is far more qualified, more experienced and has a much better track record than his opponent. That is exactly the case in the race for Grand Traverse County sheriff. The incumbent, Tom Bensley, is by far the superior candidate and, even better, he's already proven he can do the job and do it very well. We're lucky to have Tom Bensley as our sheriff, and we should keep him on the job.

John Bergman

Traverse City

Elect those who respect

On Nov. 6 voters can elect representatives who actually respect women, such as Betsy Coffia for State Representative, versus Wayne Schmidt, who dismissed two Michigan female legislators as "needing a time out" for publicly using the word "vagina".

Dan Benishek sponsored a bill to outlaw abortion even to save the mother's life, meaning a woman could die from an ectopic pregnancy.

A Romney presidency could limit/eliminate access to breast cancer screenings and birth control for many women and endanger many more lives by overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Hopefully women value themselves enough to elect leaders who demonstrate respect for them.

Donna Miller

Traverse City

Caring, respectful

Melanie Stanton for Probate Judge for Grand Traverse County. I have known Melanie both as a professional and personal family friend for over 10 years. She has compassion for both the elderly and for families in crisis. I had the opportunity to witness her dedication to her clients as well as her aging family members.

She has an extraordinary way of understanding their medical, emotional and legal needs. I know she will be caring, compassionate, respectful to the parties involved. Please vote for Melanie Stanton for Probate Judge.

Elizabeth Petrella-McKellar