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October 13, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 10/13/2012


Bill Brown

Traverse City

Compassion, honesty

Melanie Stanton is an outstanding candidate for Probate Judge of Grand Traverse County.

I met Melanie in the early '80s when she was a registered nurse and had recently married a good friend of mine (Bob Stanton.)

I subsequently saw her decide to continue to work and go to law school, establish a law practice in Traverse City, raise twin girls and enthusiastically embrace any challenge that came her way.

My wife and I consider her one of our dearest friends.

Her compassion, honesty and willingness to do what is right will make her a tremendous probate judge.

Terry J. Baumann


Down with morons

I am extremely outraged with these Morouns. Down with the morons and up with the bridge.

Miriam Godoshian


She's compassionate

In addition to extensive experience in both the Family and Probate Courts, and dedicated community service, Melanie Stanton is compassionate, smart and resourceful.

Melanie and I were co-workers when I received some confusing genetic counseling information about my pregnancy for my first child.

Melanie was incredibly supportive in researching and searching for appropriate care.

Witnessing Melanie's work ethic in the professional realm and having benefitted from her compassion and concern, I know that Melanie would bring both the wisdom and heart that our community deserves as Grand Traverse County Probate Judge.

Vote for Melanie Stanton Nov. 6.

Paula Brooks

Traverse City

Extensive experience

Experience is a tremendous quality and Melanie Stanton has that experience, practicing as an attorney for over 22 years.

Melanie is running for probate judge of Grand Traverse County. The probate/family judge handles legal issues affecting children, families, and individuals from birth to death.

Melanie has extensive experience as an attorney in both courts. Melanie also has an understanding of family dynamics that comes from being married for 31 years and being a mother. Being a parent teaches lessons that cannot be learned anywhere else.

Our families are our most important asset. Please elect Melanie Stanton as probate judge.

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