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October 21, 2010

Letters: At Issue: Nov. 2 Election: 10/21/2010

A proven leader

I have known Ralph Soffedine for 48 years. He has always been a winner and someone you wanted on your team. He was an All-American football player at Central Michigan University and led our team to a championship season in 1962. He has been a winner in every endeavor of his life.

In Traverse City he has served as police chief, fire chief, school board member, president of the Rotary Club, currently on the City Commission, and many other boards. He is a proven leader. Please vote for Ralph Soffredine for the County Commission. We need him.

Al Bishop

Traverse City

Very suspicious

I am appalled that the recent promotion of Ralph Soffredine by Traverse City Light & Power has been written off as just a coincidence.

Ed Rice contradicted himself with two separate quotes in the Record-Eagle's Sept. 30 article: "...never even crossed my mind," then "Light and Power ran the mailer by its legal counsel to make sure it was permissible." Doesn't sound like a coincidence to me.

I'm very suspicious and I certainly hope Mr. Soffredine files these "coincidences" on his campaign finance report, due Oct. 22, as a generous in-kind contribution from a public utility.

Diana Ketola

Traverse City

Looks at big picture

I served as a county commissioner representing Garfield Township for two terms, and I now serve as a trustee on the Garfield Township Board. A big part of the commissioner job was to attend the town board meetings, share ideas and listen to the board member who represented the people of Garfield Township. There have been 37 regular town board meetings since Ross Richardson was sworn in January of 2009, and he has only attended seven of those meetings.

Ralph Soffredine has been involved in the community, he has shown that he is responsible with money and he looks at the big picture to get the problem solved. Please join me in supporting Ralph Soffredine to represent both the city and Garfield Township.

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