Bowl letdown

Another disappointment on New Year’s Day. We always watched two bowl games with enthusiasm. But this year we could not see the Rose Bowl or the Michigan game because we don’t have ESPN. I just kind of think it would have been nice.

I mean, we live here. Are they going to restrict the Super Bowl too?

Don Montie


Giving money back?

OK you Donald Trump haters, you don’t want to be labeled hypocrites, so it’s time to start planning what charitable organization you’re going to donate the money Trump and the Republicans just legislated for you. Your party did not vote for tax reform, so it is obvious you do not agree that the money (your money) should be given back to you. Please, show us you mean what you say.

On the National Geographic channel the other day a giant python had swallowed a large animal and it got stuck half way down. The python died. I kind of see that as a metaphor for the Democrat Party. They are so stuck on destroying Trump and the will of the people that elected him that they are on the verge of self-destruction. They offer little in the way of alternatives to Republican congressional bills. Instead, they just obstruct, criticize, rant and rave.

Apparently their psychotherapists aren’t getting the job done. Trump’s hair color or his lack of polished delivery seem more important to them than substance and results. Thanks, but I’ve seen what can happen when quaffed, polished and eloquent politicians look us in the eye and convincingly lie to us.

Jim Miller


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