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Low Bar General Manager Josef Hess demonstrates how to make a Bourbon Smash at the Low Bar in Traverse City. Record-Eagle video by Erin Sloan

  • Story by Marta Hepler Drahos

Seeing autumn in all its glory means abandoning the open road and tapping your inner adventurer. Here are some of our favorite ways — from tracks and trails to waterways and airways — to get your fall on in northern Michigan.

  • Story and Photos by Allison Batdorff

You won’t find Rebecca Tranchell at a party wearing the same shirt as you. Tranchell, 28, makes a point to avoid big box clothes shopping for precisely that reason, among others. Tranchell instead scouts her favorite resale stores for unique clothing that suits her style and makes her feel good about buying it.

  • Story by Cymbre Foster and Photos by Tessa Lighty

Every September for nearly a decade, landscaper Cori Oakley and her crew pull out the coleus and begonias in the front door planters at The Cherry Tree Inn and replace them with all things fall.

  • Thoughts by Bob Gwizdz and Photos by John Gessner

A lot of trout fishermen hang up their fly rods once the Hex hatch has finished in mid-July. The water temperatures in the rivers have risen — especially in marginal trout streams – to the point that anglers worry about overstressing the fish.

editor's pick featured
  • Story by Sarah Elms Photos by Tessa Lighty

Lavender's soothing scent wafts from farmers markets, roadside stands and area fields throughout the spring and summer, a time when farmers boast their fresh or dried bouquets, essential oils and body butters, and refreshing lavender lemonade.

  • Story by Carol Thompson Photos by Tessa Lighty

To go whole hog means to do something as completely as humanly possible — like, for example, a cook who spends hours tending a pit of charcoal or stoking an open flame to slow-roast an entire pig. It's a whole hog enterprise.

  • Story by Cymbre Foster Record-Eagle photos

An empty nest was looming, so I did the logical thing –– brought home an 8-week-old puppy, Maizy. Then, while my kids moved out or finished up college, I focused my time and energy raising her to be my well-mannered sidekick.

  • Story by Kathy Gibbons and Photos by Katy Batdorff

There’s nothing like pulling a jar of peak-season peaches off the shelf in the dead of winter.

  • Story by Kathy Gibbons and Photos by Tessa Lighty

Nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven; when it comes to cookies, that’s especially true.

  • Story by Kathy Gibbons and Photos by Jan-Michael Stump

What’s in season is what’s on the plate when your family is full of farmers.

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