WILLIAMSBURG — From the Ryder Cup to the mini tours, Adam Schriber has coached some standout golfers.

That list can include a duffer from Darragh or a beginner from Beulah.

Schriber, the director of golf instruction at LochenHeath Golf Club in Williamsburg, has an online tutorial business called Tour Prep Golf. The video series offers on-course videos and off-course workouts that train golfers “using the same program as the pros,” according to the company’s website, tourprepgolf.com.

The techniques Schriber uses online focus more on science than sport.

“We train more than we teach,” Schriber said, standing on the back of the driving range at LochenHeath on a sunny Friday.

Tour Prep Golf has a monthly ($15) rate. There’s also a four-month standard plan ($50) as well as a yearly subscription rate of $120 a year.

Schriber said the Tour Prep Golf video series is a six-month “efficiency program” that includes two gym workouts for each month. It begins with ‘The Takeaway,’ ‘To the Top,’ ‘The Transition’ and the ‘Impact’ in the first four months, while the final two months are ‘Advanced.’

Schriber’s aim is to make the body as the focus of the golf swing, and to “make a swing without thought.” Schriber equated it to someone thinking “about signing their name perfect and it comes out heinous” as opposed to a person signing their name without thinking about it and attaining effortless purity.

“I think I’m the only one teaching golf like this,” Schriber said. “I’m the only one really training golfers. I think more people teach positions.”

Working with Schriber at LochenHeath on Friday were a pair of professional golfers, Jim Renner and Patrick Colburn. Both said Schriber’s coaching techniques are unique.

“It’s a little out of the box as far as golf teaching goes, but it’s super effective,” said Renner, who has played on both the PGA and Web.com tours. “When people try to make swing changes, it’s tough because you’re just hearing words: Put the clubhead here, put it there ... blah, blah, blah. With (Schriber), he’s actually showing you.”

“His approach is totally different than any golf instruction I’ve had before,” said Colburn, a 2011 graduate of Traverse City Central who played in China last winter and will try to get through qualifying school this fall for the European PGA Tour. “I feel before that I would have moments of brilliance followed by moments of despair and frustration.

“I just always felt I was searching for something and I found that Adam’s method, like he says, tries to ingrain it deep down in there where it’s more natural and less mechanical thought. I think that’s the long-lasting way to go about it.”

Three-time PGA Tour winner and 2008 Ryder Cup participant Anthony Kim and young PGA standouts Sam Ryder and Ryan Brehm also count Schriber as their coach. But Tour Prep Golf isn’t just for the professional players.

“If you look at any guy on tour, they all have their own swing and their own unique way of doing things,” Colburn said. “At the heart of it, they all have certain traits that you’ll find throughout all good players. The basis of Adam’s program and all of the drills are sort of targeting that. We can all start with a better foundation and that’s why it’s beneficial to the entire golfing public and not just his touring players.

“For someone who is maybe just starting to pick up golf or wants to try it, doing these drills and the very basic beginning ones to build the foundation is a great way to start.”

“He could help out anyone,” Renner added.

Schriber said he launched the video subscription service slowly as “kind of an efficiency program.” The videos are scheduled to undergo “a massive upgrade” later this month. A series of videos at Golf WRX also is scheduled, he said.

Schriber said his videos work on establishing a ‘feel’ for each player — and that’s why it translates to every golfer.

“I don’t know what it feels like when you do it right,” he said. “I can tell you what I feel, but the chances of that working are slim and none ... But you figuring out what you feel when you do it correctly, now we might have something.

“You figuring out how to sign your name without thinking, now we’re talking.”

Renner, still returning from hip surgery in July of 2017, said regaining the feel of his swing is what brought him to northern Michigan to work with Schriber.

“The way he goes about it, I love it,” said Renner, who lives in Orlando, Florida. “How the body dictates where the club goes as opposed to the clubhead dictating the body. He’s great at finding feels. Especially for someone like myself, I love keying on certain feels that I can get during a golf swing and that’s where Adam is amazing. He really does it better than anybody.”

Renner said it didn’t take long for Schriber’s teaching to have an impact.

“Right away, in the first 15 minutes I was ‘here, I made some minor changes,’” Renner said. “But just like in golf, those minor changes eventually became major changes. It’s just a good way to keep pecking away at it.”

Schriber said that philosophy is the reason the Tour Prep Golf videos are compact.

“Most of us don’t have the time to put in. These guys are the best in the world and they’ll put in 12 hours today trying to get better,” Schriber said, motioning to where Renner and Colburn were launching range balls. “When do you do that? Never. It’s a hard game.”

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