Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 24, 2012

Letters to the editor: 12/24/2012


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Who pays the bills?

I would like to know who pays the electricity bill for Northwestern Michigan College's Extended Education building? Three stories of lights in every visible room blaze away all night, long after any classes have finished. Our tax dollar at work?

Maureen E. Aites

Traverse City

Need to rein in costs

I wonder if anyone else feels the wages paid to our elected officials are getting out of hand. The average household income in Michigan is about $45,000. A college graduate is fortunate find a job at $30,000 a year. With this in mind, a new road commissioner was hired from downstate with a starting salary of $95,000, with expected raises. Several school administrators got a junket to China and subs had to be hired at a very generous rate. The latest is the county administrator gets a $15,000 salary increase to $120,000 a year.

These wages are in addition to the very generous benefit and retirement packages which exceed those generally found (anymore) in the private sector.

On the same page of the Record-Eagle was the story that septic treatment fees will rise 50 percent. Same old story, more taxes and increased fees and less services. There are folks struggling in this community who barely gross what Mr. Benda will receive as a raise, yet the only individual I have heard express a concern regarding these salaries is Christine Maxbauer. Surely, there are others who feel the need to rein in these costs.

Thomas Jones

Traverse City