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August 19, 2013

News from 100 Years Ago: 08/19/2013

• TOOK COSTLY SWIM. Sunday bathers lost money and check.

Guy Champney and Guy Graham decided that they would take a swim Sunday afternoon, and they also decided to make use of the bath house near the Grelick factory. They took their dip and everything was enjoyable until they returned to dress. They then discovered that someone had helped himself to whatever loose change had been in the clothes, besides taking a check for ten dollars. Champhey claims to have lost $1.50 and Graham was relieved of $5.00 in money and a $10 check.

They reported the loss to Chief of Police Carson, who at once instituted a search among the boys on the west side, and he finally focused his suspicions on Francis Bower. The lad was taken to police headquarters and given a grilling which was effective in making him confess to the theft. The check, which he had hidden in some brush on the bay shore, was recovered, but the money had been spent. Bower is now confined in the detention home awaiting a hearing before Judge Walker in juvenile court.

• Peter Hanson, who struck Fred Forton over the head a few nights ago with a club for knocking apples off his tree, appeared before Justice Birdsall, plead guilty to a charge of assault and battery and paid a fine and cost of $7.75.

Forton in company with several other young men was walking along the street Friday night, jumped and pulled some leaves from a limb which projected over the sidewalk. Several apples fell from the tree and Hanson, who it seems had been waiting on the veranda and had armed himself with a club for use in such an emergency, sprang out and hit Forton.

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