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August 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/19/2013

Know the source

Rightly the Record-Eagle takes the Department of Environmental Quality and Team Services to the woodshed for the company’s scandalous application of poisonous fluids onto rural roads near Benzie County’s beautiful Platte River, and the DEQ’s pitiful response.

But where did Team Services get the bad stuff? Aren’t the owners of the source wells equally complicit for handing it off to a reckless company?

Unless source wells are identified, next week or next month neighbors of the wells, not realizing what is really happening, might see even more toxics coming out under cover of dark, destined for yet more roads, farm fields, and drinking wells.

Neighbors of the wells need to be warned. The public must demand a list of the source wells and their owners, the quantities and chemical analyses of brines from each, and the names of brine spreaders other than Team Services with whom they might have contracted.

Ellis Boal


Clean up the mess

Columnist Stephen Dick’s Aug. 6 profound misdiagnoses of what caused the decline of the once-great city of Detroit is ridiculous. It wasn’t Republicans or conservatives. It wasn’t Gov. Snyder and it’s not the emergency manager, Kevyn Orr. It was corrupt politicians and layer after layer of city government, townships and boards that started the city down the path to ruin.

Certainly, car company leadership didn’t help, caving in to the United Auto Workers and Teamsters with pensions and promises they knew they wouldn’t have to deal with when the bill came due. Handing out $300 million in state cash to “entrepreneurs” to start local businesses won’t work right now, either.

Detroit has already proven it can’t responsibly govern itself. Let’s let Mr. Orr do his job, clean up the mess and then see what can be done to help the city get back on its feet. The time for help is coming, but not before the bankruptcy is finished and the slate is clean.

Robert H. Ferguson

Traverse City

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