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May 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/13/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Makes no sense

In an April 27 Record-Eagle article, Gov. Snyder is quoted as saying it is organized labor’s fault that Michigan became a Right to Work state. He reasons that since the voters rejected Proposal 2, which would have amended the State Constitution to prevent Michigan from becoming a Right to Work state in the future, this meant voters wanted the Republicans to immediately and without delay pass legislation imposing RTW on the state. He reasons that the voters were demanding that they ram this legislation through the lame-duck session in a matter of days with little notice or debate. Maybe the reason I am unable to make sense of the governor's leap from the defeat of Proposal 2 to the immediate imposition of RTW is that I never had the opportunity to be educated in a "for profit" charter school such as the governor is fond of. Then again, maybe it really just does make no sense.

Chuck Vernon



Elect those who will

I was glad to see the Record-Eagle’s coverage of the Leelanau County Commission's decision to end funding in support of regional economic development efforts. Apparently the majority of commissioners are bent on taking us back in time to a life that doesn't exist anymore.

The short-run anti-tax mentality reflected in these decisions threatens the health of our community, state and country. We live in a global society with many challenges. People need jobs, health care and broadband - the communication technology that will be with us for the next 40 years.

Economic development is required to replace jobs that are lost during normal economic cycles and technological transitions. While the state is spending millions of dollars promoting Leelanau County and other Michigan communities to grow business and jobs for our residents, these county commissioners think they have no responsibility in the effort.

The statement that our county is “wealthy enough” is unconscionable when 11 percent of our residents live below the poverty level and 17 percent have no health care. I urge our leaders to reconsider this decision and thoughtfully plan for the future of Leelanau County. If they choose not to, I urge voters to elect people who will.

Sharon Workman