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June 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/02/2014

Logically bankrupt

Logical bankruptcy — that’s the thought that came to mind as I read some recent letters opposing openly carrying firearms in schools. The term is especially apt for those claiming that advocates are ignorant or question the reasonableness of such advocacy. One author even went so far as to claim such advocates are the type of people who shouldn’t be carrying a firearm.

Given the open carry of firearms by CPL holders is the only legal way to carry in a school, to argue against it would be to argue that an individual shouldn’t have the most effective means possible to defend themselves or others based strictly on some arbitrary locale.

No matter how low the probability is that someone may need to defend oneself in a school, the denial of this ability is completely antithetical to human rights; it is a signature of tyrants. Those that subscribe to the ideal of prohibiting effective self defense, being of the authoritarian ilk, are the ones that are truly ignorant, unreasonable and of course, logically bankrupt.

Jason Gillman Jr.


The writer is a former resident of Traverse City.

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