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May 12, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/12/2014

Why rehash Benghazi?

Oh, my. The Benghazi debate starts again. If I recall correctly, after the tragedy occurred reporting indicated Ambassador Christopher Stevens was strongly advised not to go there as the city was in the hands of the Taliban radicals. In addition the embassy had not been hardened and guards were not to be trusted. Sadly, it appears Mr. Stevens is partly responsible for ignoring the warning.

At this time isn’t it unfortunate for the House to rehash the past, wasting time and money in the face of current affairs? I think it would be more productive to have an inquiry as to how the strengthening of many other embassies is going.

Keystone, forget it. It’s a done deal with the construction of the southern and northern ends already in place. Why make it a political football, again wasting time and energy, pun intended. Keep in mind Canada is building another pipeline, west to Vancouver, again for export, at the expense of destroying the landscape of Northern Alberta. Talk about oil shipments via rail and pipelines and spills. Consider what could happen through and over the Rockies.

Thomas E. Hagan


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