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May 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/05/2014

Contradictory court

How long before the justices themselves become embarrassed by the jumble of contradictory rulings they are leaving in their wake?

It’s OK for voters to outlaw the use of race as a factor in admissions to our universities. But it’s not OK for voters - through their elected representatives, Congress - to require some states and other voting jurisdictions which have a clear history of discriminating against minorities, to show that changes in their voting procedures won’t discriminate against minorities.

Oh, you’re right, there is something not contradictory about these rulings. Maybe it’s time to add “racist” to “corporate” in describing the Roberts Court.

Ron Tschudy

Central Lake


Spare my pocketbook

I attended the April 21 meeting of the Northwestern Michigan College Board of Trustees to voice my opinion on their compliance with the Open Meeting Act. During the meeting it became obvious they felt they were wrongfully under attack from the Record-Eagle.

I felt the opinion of their legal counsel was a nice summary of the defense he would present on their behalf, but a little of a stretch on the “canvassing of votes.”

I offer a suggestion as both a taxpayer and subscriber to the Record-Eagle. Let the board move forward with educating themselves on the Open Meeting Act. I personally think they need it. Let the Record-Eagle take a rest from this issue. The NMC board may have violated the OMA but they did not do it for personal gain.

The board is focused on bigger issues and doesn’t need this distraction. The Record-Eagle is to be commended for taking the battle this far. Why not declare victory on both sides and save my pocketbook an unnecessary hit?

Tom Case

Traverse City

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