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July 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/29/2013

Fellow traveler?

This is in reference to the column of July 8 by Gene Policinski which was in part a panegyric to the late I.F. Stone. Mr. Policinski, if he is not aware, may be interested as perhaps would your readers to know that I. F. Stone was identified by both the Venona Project and the Vassiliev papers as a Soviet agent. Stone was a great fan of Stalin as were many "liberal Democrats" of the time. He argued that South Korea started the Korean war, and he promoted KGB propaganda during the Indochina wars. He presumably had few secrets to share, but diligently repeated the party line as advanced by Stalinist mass murderers.

Robert Sullivan

Traverse City

Divorce not newsworthy

In an era in which half of all marriages end in divorce I find it hardly front page newsworthy (even on a Saturday) to so prominently comment on the split of Mr. Moore and his wife.This lack of class by the R-E was unexpected given the care the paper took to minimize exploiting the sexuality of the late Brian Crough.

Lucas Otten

Traverse City

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