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July 22, 2013

News from 100 Years Ago: 07/22/2013

• The recommendation of the Department of Public Health and Welfare that no more garbage be dumped on city ground opposite Hannah Park was adopted by the commission last night (and) was a move in the right direction. It is not reasonable to suppose that the health of the city can be safeguarded while the central portion is used for a garbage heap, where rotten fruit and all kinds of refuse are indiscriminately dumped.

For many years it has been the custom to throw all kinds of refuse upon this ground and leave it to fester in the sun and breed millions of flies. The public welfare demands that this condition be changed that the decayed vegetables and other matter that breeds flies and disease germs will be dumped on other ground that is owned by the city out Cass Street.

The commission took up the question of establishing a garbage burner on the present dump ground and found that it was impractical because it would be a greater nuisance than present conditions, on account of the smoke and smell that would arise while in operation. Now that the dumping of refuse has been stopped on the river bank, it is the intention of the commission to complete the filling in of these grounds and fit them up for a park that will be harmony with the grounds across the river.

• MISS ARLETTA McMANUS has been spending a few days at Arbutus Lake.

• Mr. and MR. A.S. HOBART left last evening for Interlochen for a week’s vacation.

• WHILE PICKING CHERRIES on his farm south of the city, Frank Amtsbuchler fell from a tree, breaking several ribs and sustaining slight internal injuries.

• CIRCUIT COURT was taken up yesterday and this morning with the case of the Village of Fife Lake vs. the Prosecuting Attorney to show cause why a saloon license should not be granted.

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