Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 12, 2012

News from ... 100 years ago

By Emma Jane Muir, Special to the Record-Eagle

---- — n After being unconscious all night and without care or attention, Mrs. Eaton was found this morning on the floor in an inner room of the building in which D. Eaton's shoe repairing shop is located. A customer, who had gone into the store and failing to find anyone, notified Patrolman Carson who investigated. Mrs. Eaton's husband, who had gone to Saginaw on business, was quickly contacted by the department. She is still in a semi-conscious condition but is expected to recover.

n A large number of ladies in the Mabel community met with Grandma Hammond last Saturday afternoon to help her celebrate her 83rd birthday. A nice supper was served before the birthday cake was presented along with a cash purse.

n Mr. and Mrs. George Meyers of West Tenth Street entertained their near neighbors at a party Saturday evening. The guests were greeted in the reception hall by the couple who ushered them into the living room which was appropriately decorated in autumn leaves. Progressive pedro was the game of the evening with the first favors won by Miss Fannie Austin and J. Young. Refreshments were served by the hostess after which, the guests reluctantly left at a late hour.

n W. F. Steele is at Grand Rapids where he will be employed from now until the end of next week. He will be meeting with officers of the Western Michigan Development Bureau regarding next year's fair.

n A good crowd gathered at the parsonage in Williamsburg Friday night to welcome Rev. Milton Benedict and his wife. Refreshments were served during the evening and the party broke up, wishing the pastor success.

n The farm lands between Traverse City and Grawn were inspected today by M. J. Thompson, district supervisor of the farm management work in Grand Traverse county. Mr. Thompson was greatly pleased with the general appearance of the farms in this section and the appearance of crops being harvested.

n O. I. Winderman and wife, who have been in the city for some time, left this morning for Chicago. They will visit for several days in that city before returning to their home in New York.

n The illustrated lecture "Better Roads for Western Michigan", is scheduled for the town hall at Kingsley Friday night. The lecture will include a large number of pictures of road scenes in Grand Traverse and the surrounding counties and will be for the purpose of showing the benefits to be derived from improved highways.

n There was an enthusiastic meeting of the members of the Northern Michigan Poultry Association in the offices of Underwood and Umlor Friday evening. Matters pertaining to the coming big show were gone over, the date of which was placed for January 28th to 31st, inclusive.

n Mr. and Mrs. Black of East Jordan, superintendent of the Leland Light & Power Company, spent a few days in Northport last week. Besides social visits, Mr. Black met with several villagers to discuss business matters.

n Advice on deportment. Never hold bones in your fingers while you eat from them.

n Medical advice of a century ago. Crimping of the hair causes it to break and crack.

n Best buy of the week. Reed Rocker, Nice, High Restful Back, $2.25 at J. W. Slater.