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November 4, 2013

Update on Oct. 21, 28 historical photos

Historical photo information, provided by readers:

For the Oct. 21 image:

• Ludivine Belanger Couterier (left) and her sister Mary Ann Belanger Bussey (right) are in the photo taken around 1898. The Belanger sisters lived in what was then Provemont, now called Lake Leelanau. They came from a family of 12 children, these two daughters and 10 brothers. Several of their descendants called this information in to the History Center.

For the Oct. 28 image:

• These young women were all counselors at Camp Kohahna in Leelanau Co. The image was taken before 1949. Now part of Camp Leelanau, Camp Kohahna began in the early twentieth century as a camp for girls. Kohahna means achievement.

Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Myrt Forsyth, Jill Faust, ?, Jodie Donahue, ?.

Second Row: Nancy White, Julie Oakes, Jane Allison, Maude Beals Turner (owner), Connie Noble, ?, ?, Mary Frances Shimpf, Janie Taylor

Third Row: Glorias Siebens, ?, Betty Kumler, Cynthia Oakes, ?, ?, ?, Mrs. Shimpf, Jean Hackett

Fourth Row: Betty Shierholz, ?, ?, Chris Turner, ?.

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