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March 10, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/10/2014

Not a good example

Shame on (Traverse City Commissioner) Jeanine Easterday. Not a good example of representing the true public.

Stew Grant

Traverse City


Expect minimal help

I wonder if many readers saw the recent local TV news interview of State Rep. Greg MacMaster. When asked if any of the current state budget surplus should be directed to school funding, Mr. MacMaster replied that “very little” of the funding “goes to the child’s education.” More than likely it will go to “administrators, capital improvements, teachers and unions.”

Other than the fact that such funds cannot be used for capital improvements or unions, just what is going to benefit our children more than attracting bright young talent to the teaching profession? To attract talent requires commensurate compensation. That concept seems to get little consideration with our conservative-led state government.

It seems like this would be the perfect opportunity for our local Republicans to bring up per-pupil funding for northern Michigan schools to approach the level received by wealthy downstate districts. Unfortunately, I think Mr. MacMaster’s comments are representative of the general Republican attitude. To the detriment of public schools, their focus has been on reducing teacher compensation and influence, and things like vouchers, unlimited charter schools, and funding for home schooling. Therefore, even though many northern districts are struggling financially, expect minimal help from Lansing.

Gary Alden

Traverse City



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