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January 6, 2014

News From 100 Years Ago: 01/06/2014

n POST OFFICE nearly ready for inspection. Terraza flooring, an addition for the money order department, and ceiling work will complete the job by January 13, when the final inspection will be made.

n DEFECTIVE CHIMNEY caused a bad fire at a home on Tenth and Pine Streets. The Fire Department extinguished the fire with only ruinous smoke damage. The home was saved.

n HENRY BUBS of Barker Creek was locked up last night for being drunk and disorderly. He was fined $7.50 for neglecting his horses and discovered that he was in a financial state known as “broke”. He was given a stern lecture about humane treatment of animals and was warned that stricter consequences will be levied if it happens again.

n CITIZENS TELEPHONE officials in Traverse City have broken the law by arbitrarily raising their rates without going through the legal steps. A Hearing will be held to determine the liability incurred by the phone company.

n EMBALMING FLUID found in hamburger. Ground meat, alleged to be hamburger, was found to contain one per cent sulphides which is the chief element in embalming fluid. The State Meat Inspector fined Vandelin Stanek, a local man, $27.75. The charge against is for violating the state pure food laws.

n PEROXIDE CREAM for the face on sale for 25 and 50 cent quantities. This is a mild skin bleach that is both soothing and refreshing. Get it now at City Drug Store.

n KABO LIVE MODEL CORSETS are now on sale at Steinberg Brothers. We guarantee its good style and shape are here to stay. The comfort is due to accurate proportions throughout, not just in spots. $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 styles on sale now.

n TOTAL ENROLLMENT FOR RURAL SCHOOLS is 2,365. Of this number, 647 are seated in seats so high their feet cannot touch the floor. Lighting is so poor that desks must be arranged near windows to let the sunlight come in. This causes eye strain and irritability on the part of the teacher. Can you blame a boy for having poor grades or a teacher for failing to earn her pay if the building is poorly heated, ventilated and lighted?

n DR. J.D. MUNSON is elected President of the First National Bank. His experience and long residency will profit the institution. He has been a stockholder of the bank since 1903.

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