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November 5, 2012

Stephanie Beach: Good deed restores faith in community

Just when you start to think that there's nothing but bad news, something good happens to restore your faith in mankind.

Clement Rose of Traverse City was hurrying to complete a long list of "honeydos" when he somehow got separated from his wallet in the Meijer parking lot. He discovered the loss later when he stopped for gas at Sam's Club.

"I hurried back to Meijer to the very spot where I parked, but of course there was no wallet to be found," Clement wrote. "I was about to get on my phone and start canceling credit cards when I decided to check with the service desk on the odd chance that someone had turned it in. To my great relief and surprise, someone had, with all contents intact.

"I only know he was an older gentleman and simply said he had found my billfold in the lot and turned it in. No name, no phone number, just a wonderful act of absolute honesty. I just want him to know how much that was appreciated," Clement wrote. "I thank this man from the bottom of my heart and thank him also for restoring my faith in my community. We mostly just see and hear about the bad stuff. But the man who did this noble deed is very deserving (of) ... some media attention. I hope he reads this. I hope a lot of people do and offer their own acts of random kindness."


The Kalkaska Band Boosters got a monetary "boost" recently from Bill Marsh.

Bill Marsh supplied a variety of Dodge vehicles for short test drives during the annual Blazer Blast at the start of the school year. Each test drive earned $20 for the school.

This is the third year the dealership has conducted a ride-and-drive fundraiser for Kalkaska Schools, which raised a record amount of money this year, netting the music boosters a check for more than $2,500.

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