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February 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/17/2014

Nerd on deck?

Gov. Dick Snyder for U.S. President? (Detroit Free press)

The bully of New Jersey bites the dirt, and the tantrum nerd of Michigan is on deck!

Robert Maddox


New seniors

Your editorial of Jan. 26 was not intentionally funny but it sure gave me a laugh. While I am not disputing your facts and figures, the image of the scary senior population supporting mainly low-paying jobs is a hoot.

I know that we spend money — lots of it — in this town. We buy and renovate houses. We have new cars, bikes, boats, snowmobiles, trailers and RVs. We support every fine dining establishment within a 50-mile radius. We visit microbreweries, wineries and galleries. We buy gourmet groceries and stock wine cellars. We ski, sail, fish, hunt and golf. We are pilots, gardeners, carpenters, potters, photographers and painters. We support the Symphony, Old Town Playhouse, Opera House, NMC and Interlochen.

But perhaps the most important thing we do is provide a dedicated core of volunteers for the town. Look around the Cherry Festival, Film Festival, Comedy Festival, State Theater, Bijou, SCORE, Safe Harbor and Jubilee House, to name a few. We are a new generation of senior citizens who are not rushing to our wheelchairs. And when we are ready for them, we promise to move somewhere we don’t have to shovel.

Jill Fenton

Traverse City

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