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September 5, 2013

Suspect's last blog post


And let’s not ignore the obvious. Issy is a child capable of great violence. Many a school would be unwilling to take her. Well, except for the public jr high she currently attends (while in treatment). When I told her current teacher about our local school’s decision, she choked up, offered to call our superintendent, then gave me the phone number of an education attorney. How awesome is she?! This is why we will likely keep Issy with her. So I’ll move to Kalamazoo, three hours away from home, my husband, and my other two children to do what is necessary to meet Issy’s needs. I wish though, the school could have tried. Matt and I aren’t unreasonable. If it wasn’t going to work, we would be the first to pull her out. *sigh*

So, let me tell you again. I am not special. I know this has happened to some of you. Did it happen in a school setting? Was there one person who is paid to work with children or families in crisis and worked hard against you because they were mad at you? Or didn’t want your child? Could this happen with a social worker? Let’s say you really pissed him/her off. Could they stop you from getting respite hours? Or therapy?

I love the saying:

For those of you who follow my blog and are in a position to help others, can you put checks and balances into place so “power plays” will not happen? It’s a complicated endeavor, for sure. A power “player” must be in a position to manipulate a situation and people. Seriously, this is the stuff of a John Grisham novel or JD Robb book (don’t judge me, I love trashy novels).

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