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September 5, 2013

Suspect's last blog post


I mentioned battle fatigue earlier. Well…….I made a huge tactical error.

Several weeks ago, the special ed teacher that Issy will have in her home school district requested to the superintendent that Matt (Issy’s daddy and the building principal) be taken out of the professional loop since he is a parent. I get it. He needs to make decisions as a parent. You wouldn’t have a doctor do surgery on their own child. Right?

This week the special ed teacher came to the same behavior plan training meeting as my home staff. It was clear within the first hour that there were going to be problems. She was trying to come up with ways to tweak the behavior plan so that would fit smoothly into the school schedule. I get that too. She has other kids to worry about. However, we are NOT FUCKING WITH THE BEHAVIOR PLAN. She was also not on board with me providing the work for Issy. When we were alone, we had a very heated discussion. And by heated discussion, Imean we were both yelling. She even yelled this gem: “your husband is my boss, not you!” . However, there was no swearing (win! Remind me to tell you about the time I told the clinical director of our cmh to “munch my c*nt”. Not my proudest moment but I was pretty mad. And I’m not entirely sorry I said it.)

When it was time for the meeting to resume, she wasn’t there. She decided not to finish the training. While the rest of us were practicing the behavior plan, she was making phone calls.

The next morning, my husband and I were called into a meeting with the school superintendent and a representative from the intermediate school district (the ISD is what provides supports for special education students in the local school districts). Because my husband was taken out of the information loop (remember he is the building principal), we weren’t sure what the meeting was about. We thought it was to work out the obvious kinks we were going to have since I clashed so badly with the teacher. Talk about options and how to make it work. But no. The meeting was to tell us that Issy was not going to be allowed to go to school there. Quite coincidentally, the ISD representative used some of the phrases that I had used in the argument the teacher, so I think I know where that info came from. The ISD representative suggested I home school, and mentioned that I was “intense” (I get that a lot).

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