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September 5, 2013

Suspect's last blog post


School: School won’t be a problem. Issy’s daddy is the principal of the building. He knows all of the key players and Issy will have her own aide. Her very own human there too! Her aide can be trained in the behavior plan (although not difficult, there is a lot to it.), mom (me) plans to send all of the flash cards, pictures, Velcro boards, and workbooks she has been using, to the teacher (if you’re an aba or vb person you know what I’m talking about. Crates and crates of work, amirite?!). She will spend time in classes she can participate in like PE, gym, art, etc. and do the more difficult academics with the aide in a quiet room where she can be reinforced appropriately for a non-preferred activity (in real terms: she will get a sh!t load of tokens for working hard and not losing her mind over a math problem). Community volunteers have offered to come in and teach her tap dancing, oil painting, and cake decorating! Did I mention I live in a great place? And our school is full of awesome?

Work: Our local church is providing a space in there building where she goes to “work”. They are giving us a key and everything! So after school Issy will go to “work” when her siblings are participating in sports. I talk about it more in this blog post here. Basically it’s just crafts. But I hope to find something she enjoys and is good at. I can then build a website and sell her work. Or maybe we’ll figure out something totally different. Either way, she is going to “work” everyday.

It’s all coming together….

It's all coming together

It’s all coming together

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