Traverse City Record-Eagle


August 30, 2013

Beach advisory issued

TRAVERSE CITY — Three beaches in the Traverse City area are showing elevated levels of E. coli following recent heavy rains.

Officials recommend swimmers avoid any body contact with water at East Bay Park after Wednesday tests showed E. coli levels more than twice the amount acceptable for swimming. Elevated levels were also detected at West End and Bryant Park, where wading fishing and boating is appropriate, but contact above the waist is not advised.

Tuesday’s rainfall was measured at 2.8 inches in the Traverse City area, said Nick Schwartz, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. That does not set a record for most rainfall on an August day in the area. On Aug. 23, 1898, 4.3 inches of rain fell.

Schwartz said other spots in northern Michigan missed much of the rain and are headed for one of the driest Augusts on record. Gaylord has seen only a half-inch of rain for the entire month, he said.

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