Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 2, 2012

Benzie looks into bullying allegations

District hasn't reported the matter to law enforcement


BEULAH — Benzie Central School administrators are investigating allegations that a member of the school's volleyball team was a target of bullying, but school officials refuse to disclose details and haven't reported the matter to law enforcement.

Benzie County Sheriff Rory Heckman said he's aware of the allegation, but the school district has not reported anything to his office.

"I had my detective sergeant look into it and nothing's been reported to us," Heckman said. "The school's handling it inside. The school didn't call and talk to us at all. All I know is it involved something involving a sports team.

"If a violation of law occurred, I would expect to hear from somebody," Heckman said.

Benzie Central Schools Superintendent Dave Micinski gave a vague statement on Thursday.

"Please understand we cannot and will not confirm or deny issues of student educational record or medical or health-related issues for any of our students," Micinski said.

"The district has adopted a district policy regarding bullying," Micinski said. "When allegations of this nature are made, our staff follow and enforce the procedures outlined by policy.

"Our policy emphasizes confidentiality and we enforce these policies and procedures," Micinski said. "Know that this is a student matter and we will not breach confidentiality.

"The district is not at liberty to disclose student information to the public but be assured that our staff have followed and enforced our policy on these matters," Micinski said.