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July 9, 2013

3 women in 3 years hit by dark truck


Heffner has also received reports from male bicyclists. Brian Beauchamp and Bill Palladino called the police tip line following Boyce’s death with reports of separate run-ins last year with someone who aggressively drove a dark pickup truck last year.

Beauchamp said he was riding his bicycle on Eighth Street last summer on his way to work when a black pickup came in close behind him.

“He revved his engine behind me, came within inches of hitting me and sped off,” he said. He was unable to read the license plate.

Palladino said he was walking on a sidewalk in the 500 block of Washington Street with his wife and son in March 2012 when they had another scary encounter with a black pickup.

“They clearly saw us and revved their engine as if to announce themselves,” he said. “They did not stop at a stop sign as they were turning toward us. It actually hit the curb and sat there and revved the engine. It was probably about 20 feet from us.”

Palladino said the truck sped off too fast for them to read the license plate, so he didn’t report the incident until reading about Boyce’s death and wondering about a pattern.

Bonne said she was heading south on Union Street after stopping at the House of Doggs. Someone called out, “Nice bike!” as she passed 7 Monks Taproom. A few minutes later, she noticed a truck had pulled out from Eighth Street onto Union just behind her. She decided to cross east onto Ninth Street well in advance of the truck to get home. The truck put on his blinker and followed slowly behind her as she rode on the far right side of the road. She first thought that it might be a friend. Suddenly, the truck accelerated and veered toward her.

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