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July 9, 2013

3 women in 3 years hit by dark truck


“I know I was going to get hit, so I started jumping off my bike and jumped toward the grass. I curled into a ball and rolled onto the grass on my side, protecting my belly,” said Bonne. “It happened really fast. The truck didn’t slow down even when it hit me, and I couldn’t see much. I remember seeing the headlights and the chrome grille and thinking, ‘I can’t believe this truck was hitting me right now.’ I remember seeing a tire eight inches from my head. It just kept driving really fast. It sped around the corner onto Cass Street.”

She suffered a black eye and a leg broken in several spots that perfectly aligned with the bike frame.

Bonne said the truck was black, shiny and new. A witness, who heard her screams described it as either an SUV or a pickup with a topper.

“When I was in the hospital, I saw a commercial for a Cadillac and saw that grille on the Escalade and it gave me chills,” she said.

She said friends didn’t believe her at first when she said the driver deliberately struck her.

“They thought it must have been a drunk driver,” she said. “But I just knew it wasn’t a drunk driver. In my opinion, everything points to someone who has some issues.”

Bonne still rides her bike during the day, but never at night or alone if the city is laden with festival-goers. Her leg has healed, but she still suffers bouts of anxiety, – something new for her.

“I do pilates and yoga,” she said. “I’m normally a very calm person.”



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