Traverse City Record-Eagle


February 4, 2013

Northern Notes: TC resident thanks kind stranger for lunch



Laura Wright, a Record-Eagle carrrier for three years, was delivering papers on her main route in downtown Traverse City when her quick thinking saved a dog from possible disaster.

Laura noticed a dog about to wander into traffic on Front Street. Taking a closer look, Laura realized the dog was blind. She didn't see anyone around or a leash, so she started calling for the dog to stop. She tried to pick him up and he kind of growled so she ran to her car and grabbed her phone. She called the phone number on the tag, however there was no answer. Thinking quickly, she remembered that she had dog treats in her car and with the treats was able to pick the dog up and coax him into her car.

Laura called the Record-Eagle office to see if someone could do a cross-check and find an address that matched the phone number. The search turned up a home on Fifth Street.

"(The owner) was thrilled," Laura said. "It was really such a close call. There was traffic coming down the road and the dog was just about to walk out there. I'm a big animal lover and was really happy I could bring the dog home."

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