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October 9, 2013

Mom accused of perjury

TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City woman is accused of using false social media postings in an attempt to exonerate a boyfriend who was on trial for abusing her teenage son.

Christine Paige Borrowdale, 39, faces an 86th District Court warrant for perjury and tampering with evidence during the June trial of Andre Anthony LeBlanc, 39, her boyfriend. She testified she had printouts that showed her son, 16, was engaged in a Facebook conversation at the time LeBlanc was accused of abusing him.

Prosecutors quickly called into question Borrowdale’s testimony and evidence.

“Basically, people didn’t believe her,” said Grand Traverse County Assistant Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg said. “She was confronted later with the fact the dates were changed on the computer. When we went back and looked at computer we found she changed the time setting. That evidence was brought into the trial.”

LeBlanc was found guilty and sentenced to five days in the county jail. Borrowdale’s alleged deception could land her a 15-year prison sentence.

The case began in March when LeBlanc was charged with fourth-degree child abuse and malicious destruction of property. The victim was kicked out of Borrowdale’s home and returned to pick up some belonging when LeBlanc pinned him to the ground during a physical confrontation.

Court documents state Borrowdale made a printout on June 11 that was used by the defense to call her son’s testimony into question. A forensic examination showed the computer’s time zone was switched on the same day. Court documents state “if the time zone is switched on a computer, the times displayed for ‘texts’ or ‘posts’ in a Facebook conversation will be adjusted equally.”

Moeggenberg said Borrowdale stood by her story after being confronted on the stand.

“During her sworn testimony, (the) defendant was questioned regarding these records: ‘Did you alter these records in any way?’ and defendant responded ‘No,’” court documents state.

Moeggenberg said perjury cases are not common because it’s difficult to prove, but in this case the evidence is strong.

“This case was more egregious than most because the mom sided with her boyfriend rather than her son,” she said. “The courtroom is where we speak the truth. We want to show how important it is.”

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