Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 3, 2013

Workshops offer cost-saving tips on cooking, cleaning

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — TRAVERSE CITY — A “basic training” workshop will offer advice on how to clean, cook, maintain a car, and have fun on the cheap.

This is the 17th in a “Saturday Special” series, but the first to be presented by members of Progress Village, a diverse, grassroots advocacy group that helps area folks climb out of poverty.

“We wanted to reach out and recruit members and teach people what we know and how to stretch a dollar,” said Dana Tuller, a Progress Village member who helped organize the conference. “We want to share our experiences.”

Progress Village member Claudia Crisp, for example, will teach women how to whip up their own lip sticks, lip glosses and facials in the Home Economics Part 1 workshop that also features basic sewing skills.

The event is geared toward anyone who wants to pick up tips on how to save money, said Ranae McCauley, a member of the Poverty Reduction Initiative, which formed the Progress Village committee.

Kathie Maldonado organized the presentation by Oryana Natural Food Cooperative on how to cook inexpensive, healthy meals.

Maldonado, a former travel agent and property manager, lost her husband three years ago and had to quickly learn how to live on less. Her specialty is soup-making, often making use of leftovers and beans she grew in her garden.

Maldonado, who has high blood pressure, also has a big interest in healthy eating. She’s replaced potato chips with kale chips, easily made by lightly rubbing kale leaves with olive oil and baking at a low heat.

Oryana will demonstrate low-cost recipes and offer taste tests, she said.

Maldonado and others were inspired to get involved with Progress Village by Donna Beegle, who speaks across the nation about how to break out of the iron grip of poverty. She will speak agin in Traverse City on Nov. 5-6.

“Her message is you can start from dust and work yourself up,” Maldonado said.

Saturday begins with a panel discussion on how to get the most out of local resources. Workshops follow, including: Cleaning on the Cheap: Skip the cleaning aisle by making your own supplies; Going Green Turns to Green: How saving the planet can save you cash; Home Economics, Part 1: Basic sewing skills can pay off; Everybody Eats: Save big with make-ahead snacks and healthy eating; Free fun for all: Creative and cost-effective fun for everyone; and Keep Your Motor Running: Keep your car on the road and running smoothly.

The workshops will be held at the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate District Career Tech Center from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Free childcare is available.

To reserve a spot, please call the Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-422-1713 or 231-590-0100 or fax registrations at 231-947-6401.