Traverse City Record-Eagle


March 23, 2014

Wi-Fi limited to DDA district

TRAVERSE CITY — Free wireless connectivity proposed by Traverse City’s Downtown Development Authority won’t stray far from the city’s downtown development district boundaries.

The proposal will cover the bayfront from the Boardman River west to just beyond the volleyball courts almost to Oak Street, including all commercial areas and the marina out about 150 feet into the bay.

The district extends south all the way to Ninth Street and Union Streets and along the west bank of the Boardman River all the way to Boardman Lake. The border never runs straight for long because it follows the zigs and zags of the commercial areas.

“Given the weird shape of the DDA there may be some spillover into the surrounding areas, but it’s really just designed to cover the DDA district,” said Rob Bacigalupi, DDA executive director.

The wireless signal won’t penetrate buildings, said Tim Arends, Traverse City Light & Power executive director. There may be some signal penetration, but the system is designed to provide outdoor service. Interior signals would require individual Wi-Fi routers.



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