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October 17, 2010

Are commissioners in favor of Prop. 1?

Mayor Chris Bzdok: NO

Bzdok said Light & Power does a "really good job" with operations, but often bungles its public relations efforts. He believes the Light & Power board needs independence to make good decisions.

Jody Bergman: NO

Bergman is concerned the commission wouldn't have nearly enough time to run Light & Power. She also worries that long-term energy planning could be hampered because the commission constantly changes.

Barbara Budros: YES

Budros believes Light & Power lost touch with the public and needs more oversight. Commissioners would be able to make sound decisions because Light & Power's staff and board would remain intact to advise them, she said.

Jim Carruthers: YES

Carruthers said Light & Power's staff and board would continue to do most of the work, but the commission would have "more oversight" than it does now.

Mike Gillman: NO

Gillman believes the system is complex enough to require its own separate board, though he's "dismayed" at Light & Power's public relations efforts.

Mary Ann Moore: NO

Moore said Light & Power does a "very good job" with its operations, but is "very naive" when it comes to politics. She wants to leave the utility the way it is.

Ralph Soffredine: NO

Soffredine thinks commission control "doesn't make good sense." The Light & Power board was split off for a reason, he said, in part because the commission doesn't have the expertise or time to handle utility operations.

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