Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/14/2012


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Seniors should be tested

I can't believe it. At 81 years of age I haven't renewed my driver's license in eight years. I was offered to renew my license by mail or internet, and I did. This is wrong.

Although at 81 years of age, my health is good, I take no prescription meds and my eyesight is good, it is still wrong.

In no way do I want to discriminate against senior citizens, but I feel that after some age (maybe 70?) we should be asked to take at least an eye test, or maybe an agility test, to prove that we are able to safely drive a vehicle.

Maybe a conditional license would fit, like not after dark, to fit the conditions.

If the nearest Secretary of State office is not near, then a local sheriff could verify this.

Jack Schneider


Parallels to Putin

Three anti-Putin Russian band members are on trial for alleged hooliganism. They climbed into the pulpit at Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior Church and sang "Our Lady, Chase Putin Out!"

A new law in Michigan makes it a crime to disrupt a religious service and provides for 93 days in jail for offenders. First amendment dilettantes beware.

Joseph G. Aprea

Traverse City

A bully has power

I am writing in response to R. Bruce Ritchie's July 26 Forum piece about bullying. I understand the point he is trying to make, and I, too am baffled by some of today's parents who try to ensure that their children are protected from all things at all times.

But I think he misses one important point. With all the social networking our children are exposed to today, a bully has tremendous power. With a few keystrokes he or she can inflict tremendous suffering. There can be no swift punch in the mouth because the bully is not in sight. Many of these networking places are unknown to parents and teachers.

We must teach all of our children to stand up to bullying and to let adults know when it occurs. With today's technology, the schoolyard justice of our generation may not be enough.

Jill Fenton

Traverse City