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May 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/09/2012

America needs leaders

America doesn't need idols. It needs leaders, of which we have none.

Dennis Gerathy


Not a long-term plan

I do understand the many concerns about the possibility of the city not continuing to finance Hickory Hills. Hickory Hills is a wonderful asset and serves a great purpose. But let's look at the bigger picture. Most of these types of amenities, funded by city taxpayers, are used by many, many people who do not live in the city. So a very small group of taxpayers fund amenities used by very many others who do not contribute financially.

The big picture is that to expect that a small group of taxpayers can continue to fund all these services is not a strong, long-term plan. A strong, long-term plan is for Traverse City and surrounding areas to consider some sort of regional tax base that is then used to fund all these amenities for everyone to enjoy. Everyone can enjoy

the amenities and when votes are needed, everyone who supports the amenities has a chance to vote.

Rather than focus on Hickory Hills, let's look for a strong, long-term plan to support amenities for the future and spread the support of the amenities across more users.

Kris Elliott

Traverse City

Get nation to prosperity

As we travel around the area it seems we have many churches. One must wonder how full their pews are. It seems a few atheists are doing more for their cause than multitudes of Christians are doing for God's.

We are electing leaders who are making decisions (affecting our daily lives) that aren't based on good Christian moral values. We are allowing it. We (as Christians) are to be like salespeople for God. We don't fill out daily sales reports; God is filling them out for us. I'm sure I'll shudder when God reads mine back to me on judgment day.

We have only two job options. Before deciding, please consider the pay and lifetime benefits. Jesus was God's perfect salesperson. He did much more for God's cause in his short lifetime than we ever will. In all of our decision making we must again ask ourselves, "What would Jesus do?" This includes voting for candidates to run our country.

We must now elect leaders who will rely on God's help to return this nation back to the prosperity we once enjoyed. If we fail, our children may look back and call these troubled times "the good old days."

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