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July 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/20/2012

Visitors are our guests

It's summer time in northern Michigan and time for all our residents to chill out and welcome our visitors. Often these visitors are our relatives and friends, so it's doubly important that we roll out the red carpet and greet our guests appropriately. Yes, visitors occasionally use two lanes searching for an address or move slowly looking for a vacancy hotel sign; so what.

Lend our visitors assistance by providing directions, staying off busy streets and being neighborly when chatting with a stranger. Visitors are our guests. As the summer grows hotter and traffic moves more slowly, don't panic. Enjoy the summer, jump in the bay, get on your bike and ride the TART, and don't forget to enjoy all that is Traverse City.

Michael Estes

Traverse City

The writer is mayor of Traverse City

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