Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 19, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 07/19/2012


---- — Motivated to change

Your vote for Cheryl Gore Follette for county clerk on Aug. 7 will be for ethical leadership and trust. The county clerk is the keeper of all vital records, which includes all court records. The county clerk works closely with the Circuit Court. Cheryl, a working attorney, will benefit the office of county clerk and also the community in which it serves. I know Cheryl to be motivated to make changes necessary to serve the citizens better and more efficiently where needed. Please join me in voting for Cheryl Gore Follette for county clerk Aug. 7.

Deb Jackson

Traverse City

A true public servant

County Commissioner Rob Hentschel cares about the people he serves. When I returned home from the Army, stationed in Germany and Iraq, Rob did everything he could to help me get situated back in the community. Not only did he personally call and set an appointment for me with the VA, he met me there in person to see that I got everything I needed to take care of my family.

Rob is a true public servant who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Please consider voting for Rob Hentschel as Grand Traverse County Treasurer.

Joshua Schaub


Has a business sense

Peninsula Township residents would be wise to vote for Dave Sanger for treasurer. We need this upgrade in the treasurer position.

Dave served 12 years in the township, 20 years in corporate finance and six years in business ownership.

Sanger brings a business sense to a township government that he understands well: Nine years planning commission developing our first comprehensive master plan; designating M-37 a Scenic Highway; and eight years on the zoning board (seven as chair).

He was selected to chair the Fire Board where he increased services while holding the line on taxes by leveraging grants/other resources.

Debbie Rough

Traverse City

Eager to simplify

Dr. Dan Benishek's eagerness to simplify our tax code is what has led me to vote for him in November 2010. I understand the need for taxes, but I don't understand why they are so complex. As a young adult fresh out of college, I dread every April because complying with our tax code is so complex. Furthermore, it's also the time when all the advertisements for accountants and computer-based tax programs come out of the woodwork. Taxes should never be big business. And it's the government's job to make them as painless as possible.

Joe Sopsich

Traverse City

Offers a fresh eye

Lizbeth Webster is a conservative Republican who has been a part of the community for years, advocating responsibility in government and serving as a watchdog by reporting on our local and state representatives. She opposes wasteful spending, advocates strong property rights and is a truly dependable friend. Lizbeth offers a fresh eye on issues and policy in county government, and at the same time her curiosity will demand all the facts available before being asked to vote on matters before the board. I encourage fellow District 6 voters to select Lizbeth Webster for Grand Traverse County Commissioner.

Candy Gillman

Traverse City

A positive attitude

I've known Linda Raetz for many years. My wife and I have been impressed with how Linda and her husband Rich worked diligently to raise their six children in an environment of love and commitment to their well-being. We share several common bonds with Linda and Rich. A positive attitude demonstrated by Linda and Rich does not fully describe what we have experienced firsthand. I'm sure that all the candidates for the Probate Judge for Grand Traverse County are well qualified. My vote will be for Linda Raetz because I have seen personally her gifts and character.

Mike Witkop

Traverse City

Right leader for job

I support County Commissioner Rob Hentschel for treasurer. Rob not only has the financial experience necessary to facilitate public funds, but as a commissioner he also has a well-rounded knowledge of how the rest of the county works. In addition, Rob has advanced knowledge with computers and technology that will lead to innovative efficiencies in our local government. I have known Rob for better than a decade; he has a heart to serve. Vote Rob Hentschel for Grand Traverse County Treasurer on Aug. 7. He is the right leader for the job.

Thomas Daly

Traverse City

Work for nullification

First "Romneycare," then "Obamacare" and now "Robertscare," what's a constitutionalist to do?

James Madison, the guy who wrote the operators manual for federal government, said this referring to money raised by taxes: It could only be used to pay for measures that are constitutionally authorized by its enumerated powers.

Government-mandated health care isn't, so now it is up to the states to correct what the "supremes" and "pols" have corrupted.

I'll be voting for Jason Gillman for State Representative, 104th District, because he has pledged to work for state nullification and restore the loss of our individual freedom.

Christine Schoech

Traverse City

Regulation kills jobs

Regulation in America kills jobs. According to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, regulations imposed by the government require businesses to spend over 10.3 billion hours in paperwork. These hours equate to roughly $77.2 billion.

Dr. Dan Benishek has been touring Northern Michigan for months, talking to small-business owners about the problems and challenges they face. He understands that over regulation doesn't just affect small businesses, it affects us, too. This gets passed down to the consumers and employees in the form of higher costs, layoffs and loss of services all because of the federal government.

Blaine Peterson

Traverse City