Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 28, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/28/2012


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Voters want honesty

What do swing voters want? For starters, honesty, common sense, and vision that goes beyond the next election. For example:

- Instead of spending trillions on oil wars and getting the whole world angry with us, rethink foreign policy. We didn't like being colonized; other countries don't like it, either.

- Instead of spending trillions destroying the earth by fracking, drilling, and blowing tops off mountains for fossil fuels, build 100 miles of mirrors (10,000 square miles) in the deserts for solar thermal energy production. This would provide more energy than the whole country currently uses.

- Instead of spending billions on influence peddling, put people to work building high-speed rails, advancing fuel cell technology and rebuilding the infrastructure. Swing voters would find these more useful than "influence."

- Instead of spending billions lobbying to cut Social Security and Medicare, use the money to keep these programs viable. They do not contribute to the deficit. They are not "entitlements." Social Security is deferred earnings and Medicare is insurance paid for by premiums.

- Instead of treating corporations like people and people like commodities, realize that people vote. Corporations don't.

Celia M. Hastings